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Staffing Structure


Karen Flynn - Headteacher

Alison Harvey - Deputy Headteacher

Daniel Esmond - Assistant Headteacher

Gina Thomas - Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator

Hannah Steele - Health and Wellbeing Leader

Hayley Lipscomb - Literacy and Thrive Leader






Mrs Course

Mrs Perks,Miss Pounds, 

Reception  RD

Miss North

Miss White/Miss Pounds

Reception RH

Mrs Thomas

Ms Metcalf/Mrs Smith/Mrs Fogarty

Year 1  (1H)

Mrs Steele

Miss Holley

Year 1  (1D)

Miss Mack

Ms Williams

Year 2  (2H)

Mrs Payne

Mrs Davies

Year 2  (2D)

Ms Welchman

Mrs O'Neill

Year 3  (3H)

Miss Leach

Miss Dudley

Year 3  (3D)

Mrs Thomas/Mrs Davies

Mrs Chick

Year 4  (4H)

Mrs Morgan/Mrs Gwyther

Mrs Regan

Year 4  (4D)

Mr Wheeler

Miss White (HlTA)

Year 5  (5H)

Mrs Thomas-Rigby

Miss Hill/Mrs Warlow

Year 5  (5D)

Mr Jones

Miss Bailey

Year 6  (6H)

Mr Payne

Mrs Elkins

Year 6  (6D)

Mrs Rodriguez

Mrs Elkins

EnfysMrs LipscombMs Dowling/Ms Veryard

Non Class Based Staff


Mrs B Dalton

PPA cover

Mrs Loane

Family Engagement Officer, ELSA

Mrs Roberts

Miss Lisle

HLTA PPA cover - Health and Wellbeing

HLTA PPA cover - PE

Mr Adams

TA Forest Schools

Mr Harrington

Estates Manager

Miss A Carter

School Cook & Breakfast Club Co-ordinator