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Forest School Challenges Week 11



NATURE ON OUR DOORSTEP. Feed the Birds. At this time of year, there are lots of birds out and about, but what are the best things to feed them? Fats, cheese, fruits and even baked potatoes are enjoyed by many of them. Bread is ok if you have nothing else that day, but only in small quantities as it lacks the fats and proteins birds need. You can make really simple bird feeders by sticking seeds into an apple - see which birds you can attract to your garden

Don't forget to post your pictures on your class dojo.

Year 1

NATURE ON OUR DOORSTEP.  Symmetry in Nature. What examples of symmetry can you find in nature? You could find that one half of a creature mirrors the other which is reflective symmetry. You could also find that turning an object around its center point creates the same shape over & over which is rotational symmetry. Once you start looking, examples start popping up all over the place! We’d love to see things you’ve found.

 Post your pictures on your class dojo.


Years 2 and 3

NATURE ON OUR DOORSTEP. Stick Towers.  Who in your household can build the highest freestanding tower just from sticks? A qualifying tower must stand unsupported for a full 5 minutes at time of judging. This is sure to bring out the competitive spirit, especially in the family! But it’s not just about the biggest sticks or the tallest player, the winner will be the one who masters the concept of structure and the art of balance!

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Years 4

NATURE ON OUR DOORSTEP. Walking Sticks. It’s always fun finding the perfect walking stick, but have you ever wanted to give it its own special hand grip? ‘Whipping’ is the technique of tying cord around the handle without having an ugly visible knot. It’s pretty neat and will impress your family, who won’t be able to guess how you did it. Make a loop across the stick, wind the rest of the cord around the loop. As you get near the bottom of the loop, thread the end through the loop and pull the loose end tight inside handle

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 Years 5 and 6

NATURE ON OUR DOORSTEP.  Blindfold trail. Sighted people rely on their eyesight a lot, but have you ever explored the world using just your senses of touch and hearing? Use scarves or sleep masks and create a blindfold trail - can you lead your partner over and around obstacles on the ground?! Or set up a rope trail to guide you and experience the world in a very different way. Warning – be careful of long hanging branches!

post your photographs on your class portfolio on Dojo..




Don't forget, our Forest School rules - you must wash your hands after every activity/challenge, do not pick anything that you are not sure about and follow the safety rules for any tool use.




 " Sunshine is delicious, Rain is refreshing, Wind braces us up, Snow is exhilarating;

 there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather" 

                                                                                                                                                                                            John Ruskin



                                "A seed hidden in the heart of an apple is an orchard invisible"      

                           Mae hadau cuddio yng nghanol afal yn perllan anweledig

                                                                                                                                                                 Welsh Proverb