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Foreign Office

The Foreign Office is the Senedd council responsible for foreign interests and representing Hywel Dda Primary School abroad. The council’s work focuses on areas like: learning and understanding different countries and cultures, interacting with schools and organisations in other countries and fundraising and raising awareness for charities working abroad. Foreign Office is led by Mr Payne & Mrs Saunders who organise the council’s links with PONT, a charity working in Uganda and helps to facilitate the council’s meetings.

On 10/2/20, we created a booklet of Dewi (our Foreign Office mascot) around the school and created descriptive paragraphs explaining what our school is like. We will soon send our booklet to schools around the world and they can tell us what their school is like in return. 

Our amazing council members!

Our Foreign Office Assembly

Foreign Office did an amazing assembly on 27/6/19 to celebrate the wonderful work we have done this year with schools around the world. We thanked all the children who had kindly donated to help Bulatse Primary School install their solar panels. 

Our 'Culture Box' from India

The school that we are paired with in India sent us a box full of information and work books to look at and learn about their culture. Foreign Office spent some time reading the materials that they had sent and looking at all the beautiful objects. The jewellery was definitely a highlight. Included in the box were lots of booklets that the children had put together talking about their beliefs, culture and art. The booklets also had information about how different jewellery is worn in India for health reasons. Foreign Office enjoyed looking at how different this was from their own culture.

Solar Panels for Bulatse Primary School, Uganda

Foreign Office teamed up with Business Enterprise to make and sell cakes at the Christmas concert. They all helped to bake the cakes and put together the treat bags. They also were there selling the cakes before and after the concerts, helping calculate the cost of purchases, handling money and handing out cakes. In total, the cake sale managed to make £250 for Bulatse School. The school then managed to install solar panels on their buildings so they can generate enough power to run their two computers. 

Letters and Information to Uganda


Throughout Foreign Office's existence, we have sent many messages, letters and 'Culture Boxes' to Uganda and received lovely things in return. We took PONT's bears, Dewi and Dylan, around the school on a tour and the photos were sent to Bulatse Primary School. They were amazed to see how many resources we have in the school! Dylan now lives in Uganda and goes around the different schools. 

Phil and Kath from PONT


Phil and Kath Rickards are a husband and wife who set up the charity, PONT. They have visited the school and the Foreign Office on a number of occasions to talk to the children about Uganda, fundraising ideas, and different cultures from around the world. They have been so kind and have given us numerous resources to use such as African clothes, photographs of Ugandan schools and information booklets.