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I have recently completed my training to become an Emotional Literacy Support Assistant or ELSA. An ELSA receives training from an Educational Psychologist from whom we receive on going support. An ELSA recognises that a child will learn better and will be happier in school if their emotional needs are met. Click on the following link to learn more about the work of an ELSA.

An ELSA is a member of staff who is trained to support children in the development of their emotional literacy. Some of the areas we could work with include;


Recognising emotions

Boosting self-esteem

Boosting social skills

Friendship skills

Anger management

Bereavement and loss

Family break up


and much more......


We can work with a child in a number of different ways including individually or as part of a small group. Sessions could involve playing games, art and craft, Lego Build to Express / Lego Therapy and cooking therapy.


If you would like to discuss your child or talk about the work of an ELSA, please see Mrs Loane