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What have we been doing in our meetings?


Session 1- Autumn Term 1 -  Introductory Meeting

  • During the meeting, we welcomed the year 3 children to the councils.
  • We held an election for our MP's and Council Secretary.
  • Completed mind maps in groups to find out what the children want to learn about in the sessions.
  • Participated in the 'Walk for Water'  challenge.


Session 2- Autumn Term 2

  • During the meeting, we focused on the theme of Christmas.
  • As a class, we looked at the Nativity story in Welsh.
  • Then we split into three groups and completed an activity of our choice developing our use of Welsh:
    -Comic strip
    -Question board
    -Writing a Christmas list


Session 3- Spring Term 1

  • During the meeting, we decided to hold a competition for the Eisteddfod.
  • The children had a choice of two activities for their Eisteddfod entry:
    -Activity 1: The Poem of a Love Spoon- council members had to design, name their love spoon and create a poem about what it symbolises. 
    -Activity 2: The 'Fact Files' - council members had to research a famous local castle and create a 'Fact 'File' based on that castle. Then they designed their own interpretation of the castle.


Session 4- Spring Term 2

  • During the meeting, we worked alongside the Criw Cymraeg and designed 'Croeso' posters for the School.
  • We were asked by the Criw Cymraeg to help with one of their targets for the School to achieve the Bronze award in the language charter.
  • Council members discussed the concept of a poster and designed their own poster that could be displayed around the School.
  • First, they completed a draft and edited their work before completing their final version.
  • All posters were anonymous and were judged by the Criw Cymraeg- The Criw Cymraeg were very impressed with the entries! 


Session 5- Summer Term 1

  • Our theme in this meeting was 'Soccer Aid'.
  • As a council, we had to present out football skills in the chance of winning a prize to support the charity.
  • Following this, we decided to explore famous Welsh footballers both in the past and present,  and present our findings to others.


Session 3- Some examples of the Love Spoon Poem's

Session 5- The Cwl Cymru Council learning about famous Welsh Footballers