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Senedd Hywel Dda

Welcome to Senedd Hywel Dda, our 'whole' school council.

Every Key Stage 2 child is a member of 1 of 11 councils. The councils are as follows:

The teachers talked about their councils in assembly so that the children could choose which council they would like to join.




Cwl Cymru Council.






The very first edition of the Hywel Dda Express by the Newspaper Council

Our first council meetings - November 2017


All the councils met for the very first time. Their main tasks were to get to know each other, vote for the council MP's and to start an action plan of ideas.


The ECO council meeting



Digital Learning Council



DT voting for their MP's

The First Cabinet meeting with Mrs Voyce - November 2017


The cabinet of MP's met with Mrs Voyce (head of the cabinet) to discuss their action plans.



Steve Williams, from the Houses of Parliament visit - November 2017


Steve Williams, from the Houses of Parliament, visited our school today. He told the children in assembly all about the House of Commons, the House of Lords and the role of the queen. Steve talked about a 'bill' and how it goes between the house of commons and the house of Lords and then the queen signs it into law.

He also told us all about the role of the Speaker of the House and how he keeps 'order!'

After assembly, Steve met with the cabinet. We voted for our own Prime Ministers and a speaker of the house. We looked at how to debate.




A 'bill' meeting the queen!



The cabinet debating - should the teachers wear uniform?



The speaker of the house and the mace, signifying that the cabinet is in session.




Our new Prime Ministers and the Speaker of the House.