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The expectation is that all children are in school are a minimum of 95%. If your child is absent from school we must ask you for a text/telephone call, verbally to the teacher or a note on his/her return because records are kept indicating whether an absence was authorized or not. No holiday can be authorized in term time. Punctuality is a very important part of children’s education and the cooperation of all parents is required to ensure that your child arrives before the bell. The Governing Body have adopted the Cardiff LA policy of issuing fixed penalty fines for parents whose children have 10 unauthorised absences or 10 instances of poor punctuality. The fine is currently £60 and is issued to each parent. Please do not send your child to school if he/she is ill. All absences from school must be explained. If we are not informed of your child’s absence then they will receive an unauthorised mark in the register. 

Attendance Booklet

Dear Parents,


It is very important that your child attends school regularly. Regular attendance has a great effect upon the progress made.


This page explains how we can work together to make sure your child receives the best education we have to offer.


Please let us know if your child:


 Has been ill       


Has been to the doctor 


Has been to the dentist      

  Has been to the hospital 



If your child is absent from school you should:


Tell your child’s teacher    OR            Telephone the school

02920591275 or  07970845586  




Send a note


If your child has been away, the school may phone parents at home for an explanation of absences.

no   Absences makes it hard for your child to feel happy and secure in school


no   Absences affect your child’s progress


no   Absences can mean your child may have difficulty fitting into friendship groups