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Home School Communication


We use Class Dojo for our home-school communication.


The messaging system within the Class Dojo app is a great way to contact the class teacher and discuss any issues that may arise or to ask any questions you have. You will receive whole school messages also.  We can upload homework, videos and photos and other types of documents.


Private Messaging

You will be able to send quick messages to the teachers connected to your child's class. Please do not use this as a way of recording your child's absence from school. Messages sent out of hours will not be seen by the teacher until the next working day. Teachers can use this to send quick messages out to parents. The messages sent are completely private between the parent and the teacher sending the message. 



Class & School Story


This gives you a great insight into what your child is doing at school on a daily basis. The Class Story can give you an 'Instagram / Twitter style' timeline to see what activities have been going on in the classroom on a day to day basis. Parents can only view the Class Story for the class their child is in (a parent of a pupil in 6H could not see Class 4D class story).


The School Story is the same but everyone in the school can view these messages. 


***It is important that photos on ClassDojo are not shared on other social media***


Connecting to Class Dojo

Take a look at this quick video to help you set up Class Dojo


If you haven't already signed up to Class Dojo please do so by asking the class teacher for an invite code. If you would like any more information about our Class Dojo please see your child's class teacher or visit Class Dojo.