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Arty Party

What have we been doing in our meetings?


Session 1- Autumn Term 1 -  Introductory Meeting

  • During the meeting, we welcomed the year 3 children to the councils.
  • We held an election for our MP's and Council Secretary.
  • Participated in the 'Walk for Water'  challenge.


Session 2- Autumn Term 2

  • During the meeting, we focused on the theme of Christmas.
  • We discussed children's rights and responsibilities and we created posters for Article 24: To have the right good food and water and to see a doctor if you are ill. 
  • Created posters for KS2 competition: To design a front cover for the Christmas concert program. 


Session 3- Spring Term 1

  • During the meeting, we discussed the Eisteddfod.
  • The children researched information about Llewelyn, Dewi and Glydwr and designed flags to represent each team. 


Session 4- Spring Term 2

  • During the meeting, we decided to do a competition for Easter. 
  • We thought about what prizes people would win and asked the teachers to judge the winners. 
  • We created posters to put up around the School and some of the children went around the classrooms to talk about the competition. 


Session 5- Summer Term 1

  • We went and joined in with 'Soccer Aid'.
  • As a council, we had been asked to create a poster about the children's right Article 28 ' Everyone has the right to learn and go to school.'