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Tea, toast and tales for parents and children of the reception classes November 2017

Thank you to the families that have joined us for our tea, toast and tales afternoons. Last week, we read the alternative version of Cinderella and had activities based on traditional tales and this week we read Rabbityness by Jo Empson and played with paint!





Level 3 in Emergency First Aid

Well done to the parents that achieved their award in First Aid following a very busy two day course.

Year 4 Lego Storystarter Family Sessions - October/November 2017

For the last 4 weeks, children and family members have been working with our Lego Storystarter boxes. We learnt how to make up a story using characters, plots and how to solve a problem. 

Each family group made up their own story and we used the Stopmotion app to animate it.  

Thank you all for your support with this project and for your fantastic comments. 

Please see all the finished films following this. Apologies for those who had problems with the sound.

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

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Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Year 4 Lego Storystarter family sessions November 2017

Still image for this video

January 2017


Tea, toast and tales - Year 4 storytelling with Cath Little


Thanks to the families that joined us this morning, for tea, toast and tales for year 4. We were joined by Cath Little. Cath helped the families to create an original story using a character and a possible problem that the character may have. Well done to the children who told their stories on the storytelling chair.



Cath, also worked with our year 2 after school storytelling club.




September 2016


A very big thank you to those parents that attended the family breakfast yesterday. We were a little disappointed that we didn't have any new parents attend. This is your chance to have your say on what you would like to see or do at Hywel Dda. If i don't have your thoughts and feelings, I cannot plan for the year ahead!

Please don't keep it to yourself or chat about it on the yard - come and tell me!


I would like to answer some of the points that were brought up by parents at the breakfast.

1. More advertising for courses and better understanding of Thursday etc-

The school has invested at cost, in our Schoop system and we are now a 'paperless' school. We have two notice boards that we try to keep up to date. We are unable to put up more posters etc as this would work against our 'paperless' ethos. We have a lot of users on Schoop already, can you make sure that your friends all have it? Our schoop ID is 10494. All family information is posted regularly on Schoop.

As for better understanding of how a Thursday works, our family cafe is at 9 am for ANY FAMILY member to attend. Please come along to chat to other parents. Our family course will then start at 9.30 am.

2. A list of Time Credit opportunities for parents-

All activities that parents work with children in the school are Time Credit opportunities. Examples include Tea, toast and tales, gardening and listening to readers. If you would like to offer your time to school, please see me.

3. Opportunities for the children to earn Time Credits eg being helpful = 1 time credit earned-

At present, the only opportunity for our children to earn Time Credits in school is through our Year 6 readers project. I will take advice from Spice on how we can improve that.

We cannot give Time Credits out for just 'being helpful' as that is something we promote in all our children at all times and the Spice rules state that that it must be an activity that directly helps the school or other pupils over and above the normal.

4. Parent fun nights -

This may be difficult, as we will have to rely on other staff extending their working day and also our Estates manager. We find it difficult to recruit parent volunteers for some activities. I would be happy to chat about this further.

5. Help with finding on-line assistance with sign language -

I am always happy to help with individual parents to assist in any way in finding answers to queries. British sign language is not something that we currently use in our school ,but should that change, we will look into offering training.

6. Adult education classes e.g. Welsh, Managing behaviour, sewing etc -

I am happy to look into any course that a parent would like, but i must have some more interest in order to run it. If you are interested in a particular course, please see me.

7. After School Reading Club, Board game club and Forest School -

These are fantastic ideas, and i will look into it. Again, this may be dependent on the help of other staff members.

8. Activities for parents and children of Junior children -

This is something that i will look into.

9. Help with learning how the children are doing Maths in school -

This is something I will look into.


Thanks again for all your responses and i hope that i have answered them for you.


Managing Stress course

After some confusion, this course WILL be going ahead. It will start on Thursday 22nd September at 9.30 am.


Listening to readers   

We really need as many family members to listen to our children read in school as possible. If you can spare an hour, please see me.


Credit Union Savings Club

This will return on Friday 16th September at 9 am. New adult or child members are always welcome. Please call in for an application form.


Thanks so much again

Mrs Roberts

Parent Engagement Officer


June 2016

We are reaching the end of the school year but we still have a few family activities.


Spring Fete 2016

A really big thank you again to everyone that supported us at the Spring Fete. The hard work of the volunteers that day means, that we have about £600 to spend on the next years family projects. Projects that we can fund can include buying our weekly tea, coffee and milk, resources for tea, toast and tales, buying in special guests and tutors, resources for courses, gardening equipment and plants and much much more. Because we can fund ourselves, this means that vital school money can be used on the children. 


Time Credit News   

 A lot of our lovely family members earn time credits in our school. If you volunteer one hour to school, you can earn one time credit to be spent on many spending partners including local leisure centres, Boulders, Cardiff City football club and Cardiff international white water. 

Spice and Time credits are reliant on Welsh Government funding and they need to have some information to show the importance of time credits to people. We would be very grateful if you could fill in this on-line survey at. 


DIY course

We will be starting this course on Thursday 16th June at 9.30 am. 

I realise that this will clash with the Foundation Phase sports day but you are welcome to join us the following week. This week, the tutor will be discussing what we would like to do. If you have any requests, please see Mrs Roberts. 


Coming Soon,

Families Connect- a literacy and numeracy course for families with children from 4 to 6 years old.

Health and well-being course in September for adults.


If there is anything you would like to do in our school over the next year, please come and see Mrs Roberts

April 2016


Welcome back after your Easter break. 

This newsletter is just to let you know what is happening with the Families during the coming term.

Additional needs course

This course will continue on a Thursday morning from 9.30am, for those parents already attending.

Get the 'grown ups'gardening        

All welcome to come along to help make our school garden more exciting to look at.

Thursday's 1.30pm to 3pm.


Credit union Savings Club

Our savings club will start back on Friday 15th April from 9am. New adult or child members always welcome. Please call in for an application form.


Tea, toast and Tales

Back by popular demand, tea toast and tales will return on Friday 29th April at 9 am.

Tea, toast and tales will be open to parents and children from reception to year 2. As usual, we will focus on a story and have a choice of activities based on the topic. We will also be on hand to help with any reading or writing concerns you may have.

Our first session will be looking at multi-cultural stories with Val from the Ely Hyb.


Families at Hywel Dda Summer Fete  

This will take place on Thursday 26th May from 2.30pm to 4.30pm

We are looking for volunteers and any raffle prizes.


Coming soon

More Achievement for all coffee mornings - details to follow

Michaelston College craft afternoons for children and parents who will be attending in September 2016 - details to follow also.


Don't forget, if you have any questions about any Family events or you would like to suggest something that we could do, please see me at the Family Cafe on Thursday's at 9am.


Mrs Roberts

January 2016

Firstly, a really big thank you to all those parents who give up their time to come in and listen to our children read. The class teachers are so grateful to you all and are thrilled that we have so many volunteers. There is always room for more, so if you are interested, please see Mrs Roberts. 

Managing children's behaviour course

The parents have worked so hard on this course, that we will be finishing early. 
We hope to replace this course with a look at how to support a child with additional needs. This course will start on 10th March (to be confirmed.) If you would like to be a part of this course, please see Mrs Roberts. 

Story sack workshop

This will start on Friday 26th February at 9.30 am. If you would like to learn a new skill and help us to make story sack resources for yourself and school, just come along. 

Credit Union Savings Club

We are completed overwhelmed by the success of this savings club. It is fantastic to see how many children come in to deposit as little as1p each week! We have recently been complimented on how well this club is run by our volunteers by Credit Union themselves and we remain the second biggest school savings club in Cardiff. 
If you would like your child to open a savings account and learn all about saving and budgeting, please see the volunteers on Friday mornings from 9am. 

Coming soon


Family Behaviour Toolkit

Do you tear your hair out with your child's behaviour? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed? Would you like some help dealing with tantrums or getting your child to bed? Do you struggle to put routines in place? Would you like to have a simple, effective 'toolkit' full of advice? 
Join us on Thursday 25th February at 1.30pm to 3pm for 5 weeks. 
We will be looking at behaviour strategies, anger management, sharing, setting consistent boundaries, bed-time routines, dealing with feelings and worries, friendship issues, understanding their emotions and the importance of praise. 
We will use the first hour to chat to the parents (over a cuppa) about the different subjects in an informal way and the final half hour, you will have a chance to spend some time with your child to make something to take home.  
This is only open to parents and children in the Foundation Phase as the moment. We hope to run this in Key Stage 2 soon. We have only 10 parent places available. If you would like to be a part of this, please see Mrs Roberts. 

Parent Nuture Programme. 

This very successful programme will be run in this school after Easter. This positive parenting programme is designed to empower and equip parents with techniques and strategies to help improve family life and to support your child's emotional well being. This will be supported by A.C.E (Action in Caerau and Ely) 
More information to follow. 

Tea, toast and Tales         

Back by popular demand! Tea, toast and tales will return after Easter for Foundation Phase children!