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Daily Phonics

In order to continue to your child’s learning at home, I have created Phonics pages tailored specifically for your children.  


Every day in Nursery we have a phonics session in order to develop their letter recognition etc. so it would be much appreciated if you could continue this at home so the children don’t forget their sounds!


These are the sounds we focus on in Nursery....

1) Go through the sound flashcards one at a time. Can they identify each sound?

2) Can they draw the sound in the air or on paper? Can they think/find any objects around the house beginning with the sound?

3) Go through the picture sound cards. Can they identify the object using the initial sound?

 4) Play the Weekly Phonics Game (Look on this weeks Weekly Overview / go to this weeks planning folder and select 'Phonics Challenge')
5) After playing the weekly phonics game, you choose....
6) Watch the Geraldine the Giraffe videos